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Hi, I am GiantFromJax, or some variation thereof. I’ve been gaming since the days of the TRS-80 and early IBM clones.. Then got into consoles also, but never just stuck to one brand.

I’ve been an Extra Life member since August of 2015. I also did some streaming on Twitch, but, had to take a break. At the moment I am working on coming back. I guess you can call me a variety streamer, I play what I am in the mood to play, and I have a LOT of games.

Besides gaming and streaming, I have a lot of nerdy interests, and a number of projects I like to mess with in my spare time, if you’re interested in checking those out, you can find them linked at http://ki4lhu.net.

 Be sure to follow me on Twitter @thegiant to find out when I go live!